At Bouncy Castle London we believe in creating comms that demand an audiences attention. We believe that the only way to deeply engage or connect with an audience is by creating content and stories that inspire them to act.


Below are the core competencies and services that are available for all clients.

Media relations is at the very heart of what we do. At Bouncy Castle London we believe the cornerstone to a successful PR campaign is through generating earned media. We have an unrivalled network of contacts across print, broadcast and digital media channels who we can contact at the push of a button. We also have a constant, daily dialogue with the media and understand exactly what content works per outlet and sector. Whether you're looking to generate news stories,  inspire through features or place your products into the hands of the most influential reporters and bloggers, Bouncy Castle London will help you create headlines.

Content, this is the most important engagement tool  to our clients. Whether you're looking to create a traditional story or digital asset, we have the talent to deliver irresistible branded content that meets your communication or business objectives.


From lifestyle product photography, video production through to digital infographics, we create the content that clients require for earned, owned and new media channels.

From profile management of individuals and brands, to understanding how to create a sponsored filter for SnapChat, Bouncy Castle London offers expertise across digital and social media platforms and understand how to use these channels to meet our clients objectives.


We also challenge our clients to think about digital beyond Facebook and Twitter by offering services like sentiment analysis and social listening. These reports provide clients with an ornate understanding of how audiences think and behave, while also helping clients understand and identify new business opportunities. 

Bouncy Castle London also offer a consultancy service for clients and individuals who are looking to broaden their understanding of the comms landscape or simply want to understand the nuances of communication campaign and media management. This service is designed for clients and individuals who are looking for help in a specific area. Bouncy Castle London offers consultancy across all core disciplines of PR and comms.


If you're looking to hire a PR or media agency or would like an informal and confidential conversation, please get in touch with Joe.




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